About Us

Hortena is an agricultural company known for its production of fruits and vegetables. Established in 1994 in Strumica, southeast Macedonia, Hortena is today one of the largest exporters of fruits and vegetables in the country. With many years of experience and visiting fair trades, the company is fully aware of the global trends in fruits and vegetables production, in particular the demands of EU markets for the latest produce varieties and packing methods.
The main activities of Hortena are production of various fruits and vegetables. The company has production fields (farms) on few locations around the country. The production is from glasshouses but also from open field. The farms are used for producing agricultural products according to the agreement with its partners. The main products that Hortena produces are cabbages (winter, spring and Chinese), watermelons and melons, carrots but also it produces significant amount of peppers. Besides its regular production quite often the company produces certain products that have been agreed in advanced with its partners. Next to the production Hortena works closely with its subcontractors (local farmers) where it stimulates and supervise the production process and in the end it buys the products and prepares them for export.
The main markets of Hortena are: Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Austria, the Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia) Hungary, Czech Republic, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and the Balkan countries (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Albania and Montenegro).
The company’s production of fruits and vegetables is Global GAP certified and their packing facility is HACCAP certified. Hortena also has SA8000 certification of social accountability

Mission and Vision

Reliability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction are Hortena’s essential guiding principles. By continuously meeting these goals and investing in the latest technologies, the company aims to be globally recognized brand for its healthful and nutritious food